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From shop front to online success - the power of thoughtful branding and website design

Updated: Mar 28

Buckle in guys, this is Rachael Does Designs first ever client success story and it is something that I haven't spoken about before. My first ever client was my gorgeous friend Angela who came to me for help with her business before Rachael Does Design even existed. She put her faith and trust in me to make her business a success, and that is what we did! Would RDD be here if it wasn't for Pitt's Equestrian Boutique? Possibly not!

Let's Dive In

Angela's business, Pitt's Equestrian Boutique, based in Leigh, Greater Manchester started out as a physical shop based on the towns high-street. However, as times changed, Angela faced a daunting challenge - transitioning the business to the online space.

The Shift to Digital: When the Boutique Went Virtual

From a bricks and mortar place of business to a virtual store, Angela made a hard decision to take Pitt's Equestrian Boutique on an uncertain journey and close its physical doors to embrace the digital world. The pandemic pushed her to make a change, but she had no idea that this change would become a turning point for the business.

DIY Branding and Website Drama

Angela went all in chasing the vision of the perfect online store that she pictured (like any go getting entrepreneur would!) and of course, in the moment, that meant venturing into the world of DIY'ing her website and new visual branding. However, the results were far from ideal and she was feeling frustrated. The lack of a recognisable brand and a cohesive customer journey made it almost impossible to launch the new business successfully and without a hiccup.

This is where Rachael Does Design Enters the story

Angela reached out to me (Rachael) before Rachael Does Design existed, knowing that "I did something in marketing for a corporate company" to see if I could help. Of course, I jumped at the chance to help and cracked on with research on how to brand small online businesses.

Ang explained that she knew she wanted to be bigger than "just a Facebook Page" she wanted to be searchable on Google and create a brand that people loved, she also wanted to "remain small" in the thinking of the business, developing a personal brand along with the business so that people knew her as a person and her passion for the industry! (Everything I love rolled in to one!) Our collaboration paved the way for a fresh start for her business. We created a hand-drawn logo and unique brand colors that resonate with Anegla's personality and we launched a vibrant new identity for the boutique.

Standing Out From The Crowd = Growth and Resilience

As the revamped online boutique launched to its already invested social media following with its personalised touch, it began to carve a niche in the competitive equestrian industry. Local Facebook Groups started to refer to the business as "that pink online equestrian shop," setting it apart from the standard equestrian outlets and attracting a loyal online following.

The power of thoughtful website design

With the new branding in place, Pitt's website design flourished and now offers a seamless customer experience as-well as a personalised founders story, connecting Angela to her clients in a way that many online brands forget to do. The website design and development plays a vital role in accommodating the growing stock and expanding offerings, ensuring the brand's online presence is a reflection of its success.

When I look back at the journey that Pitt's Equestrian has been on, there is no doubt that the power of branding and thoughtful website design hold the keys to success in the competitive online space. The boutique's transformation has without doubt propelled the business forward. If your small business faces a similar challenge, reach out to me, and we can embark on a journey of understanding, growth and impact, setting your brand apart from the sea of same that is everywhere you look on the internet. I am passionate about the power of branding and website design in this space and you should be too! Book a chat or fill out my enquiry form by clicking below, lets spark a conversation,

throw around some new ideas and make your business flourish!

ps. If you want to check out the website itself, you can do so here :)

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