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Side Hustle To Fully Booked

A profound connection between you and your business will give you the power to drive forwards in your journey.

Do you have a side hustle that you're looking to take full-time but don't have the courage to do?

Let me tell you about Soph-Flora Cleaning.

When Sophy, owner and founder of Soph-Flora Cleaning Services, came to Rachael Does Design, her business was a side hustle that ran successfully alongside her part-time job that did not ignite the fire inside her that she wanted to create.

The ultimate goal was to ditch the part-time job and take Soph-Flora full-time and build it into an empire that Sophy could be proud of. Sophy's most significant doubt was, "but what if I don't get enough work". This is where the power of branding comes into play.

We created a brand that answered Sophy's doubt and empowered her to go after exactly what she wanted. Step by step, we uncovered a deeper meaning and drove the business forward with a sense of direction and purpose.

During the brand discovery process, Sophy discovered her;

Why: To create a more fulfilling, freedom lead lifestyle for herself and her partner. Enjoy her dogs, and do the same for others by providing impeccable, reliable and trustworthy cleaning services.

Who: Sophy uncovered that ultimately she wanted to work with other professionals, in the main that was busy mums. She wanted to create a calm, clean space for them to come home from work to. Somewhere they could enjoy their pets and children without the added stress of cleaning the house. (Yes! Women with pets are busy mums too!)

Goals: We mapped out Sophy's business goals, made them digestible and set realistic outcomes. 🙌 This gives a business owner a sense of empowerment like no other. It is one thing to map out your goals. But to break them down into achievable milestones is another ball game altogether.

Putting these elements together for Sophy's dream cleaning business made the whole thing feel much more achievable, and she had a clear map in front of her of how to get there.

Once the brand discovery phase was complete, we could move on to the design. We researched local cleaning companies in the North West, and it was clear that when it came to the visual identity for Soph-Flora, we could create something unique, something that was not going to blend into the sea of same throughout Wigan and Warrington.

The visual identity represents a bold yet soft and lovable brand that is professional and eye-catching. Everything that Soph-Flora stands for. The brand values are expressed throughout the visuals, and Sophy’s loving and bubbly personality shines through with every communication.

It is safe to say that within three months of relaunching Soph-Flora with a new message, visuals, an overarching brand story and a bold professional look that targeted exactly who Sophy wanted to work with. Her new client's now had Sophy fully booked.

She left her part-time job and hasn't looked back.

Recently Sophy has been looking to hire a second pair of hands to enable her to add to her growing list of clients. She is even looking to expand the brand and launch a signature scent to leave an impression on her clients' homes. 😀

Sophy's success as a business owner is down to Sophy's drive and determination. By the time we had completed Sophy’s discovery process, she knew where she was going, why she was going there and who she would help. Discovery is a powerful tool that many people often forget to dive into when they first start in business. Without these answers, the Soph-Flora brand would not be as strong as it is today.

I have loved telling you about Sophy and her business journey. But even more than I have loved talking about it, I loved helping her to build it!

If you are looking to take your side hustle full time but need a boost in confidence like Sophy to do it, or you have a brand new business idea and are struggling to get the foundations in place to get it off the ground, book a chat with me below. There will be no hassle whatsoever. Just tell me about your business ideas, and I will give you some things to consider and answer your questions.

Until next time,

Rach x

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