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  • Rachael Lyons

Branding - It's not all about the pretty visuals

You read that title right.

All CEO's want a business that they can be visually proud of. You know, a fancy business card, gorgeous signage and a knock your socks off website!

But! Those incredible visuals have to be underpinned by strong strategic foundations to actually gain you traction and sales in your business!

I know I know, that sounds a bit overwhelming. But that's what I am here for!

Let's say you have a dance studio in Cheshire, you specialise in group street dance lessons for teenagers and young adults.

Now, let's think about the dance studio down the road that specialises in Latin and ballroom dance lessons for couples! The dance studio down the road has a completely different ideal client to yours.

…their visual brand, marketing tactics, colour palette and messaging are going to be WORLDS APART from yours! They may be a dance studio on the same road as you. But are they really competition? 🤔

Have you ever walked down a village highstreet and wondered how so many cafes do so well directly next to each other? It is because they all offer something different to different markets! You will never see KFC saying, but McDonalds sell beef burgers, so we should do that too! No, KFC appeal to the chicken eating market, the chicken eating market that enjoy a family/friends night in, they know what they offer and they know exactly who to!

(I am going off on a tangent, I know these are not cafe examples haha!)

Working with a brand designer is not just about gaining some pretty graphics that you're proud of for your business (although we love providing that part!) 🙌

It will also gain you clarity and confidence. Maybe even a new perspective on your business and enable you to go out there and shout about what you offer with gusto and a clear and concise message that your ideal client will hear!

If you are shouting about your business to the masses, you are shouting to no-one. Let's get clear on who it is that you really want to serve and watch your business start to thrive!!

If you want to stand out from the sea of same and catch your clients eye, book a call with me! I can not wait to chat! Until next time! Rach x


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