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  • Rachael Lyons

40% Increase In Sales!

It is every business owner's dream to create and own a brand that they can be proud of.

My client approached me for branding and website services, and her sales improved by 40%.

Let’s dive into how that happened!

Zoe, owner and founder of Brookside Cottage Crafts (link to website) reached out to me in late 2021. She had built an incredibly magical business creating authentic scrolls from Santa.

Zoe had created a solid and supportive following on Facebook and opened her own Etsy store for the magical products. Still, she felt that there was something bigger and more established on the horizon for Brookside Cottage Crafts.

In 2022, Zoe contacted me again, and I was delighted to hear from her. She was ready to go ahead with the project and dive deep into her business foundations, build on them and create a recognised, streamlined, consistent brand.

The aim of the game was to create consistency across all of her customer touch points, become more established across the internet, and create a smoother client journey. This journey was not only to ensure that her customers were looked after and had a smooth and easy process when ordering but to ensure that Zoe could cut down on the admin side of the business and focus on what she loved to do the most - create!

Together, we put a plan in place to create a gorgeous bespoke brand and to set up an e-commerce website for Brookside Cottage Crafts that took her clients on a journey of discovery and wonder.

Brookside Cottage Crafts (if you haven’t already realised) is a very seasonal business. Zoe takes orders for bespoke, authentic letters throughout the year, but most of her magic is worked in the run-up to Christmas time.

Following the re-launch of Brookside Cottage Crafts in July 2022. In her busiest period, September - December 2022. Zoe's sales were up 40% on the previous year's takings for the same quarter!


Because Zoe had now created more visibility for her business online.


1. We had created a visually recognisable brand. So no matter where Zoe showed up online, she was recognised, and people related to seeing her on other platforms (consistency).

2. Zoe had now broadened her customer base by launching her website and taking up more space on Google. (Did I tell you I also set up my client's sites with SEO?) She was now showing up for related searches and, in turn, building more trust with her clients. (Community)

3. Focused on tightening the client journey. No more "hi, how do I order?" and no more big explanations in the DMs to answer these questions. Now Zoe had a link to a website that she was proud of, that had a simple ordering system for people to get exactly what they had come for whilst still being taken on a delightful, magical journey!

By investing in a re-brand and website package for Brookside Cottage Crafts, Zoe has created a more streamlined process for herself and her clients. She has consistency and trust across her platforms and, in turn, increased her sales. (Freeing up some of Zoe's time was imperative to enable her to increase sales too. It all goes hand in hand!)

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Zoe's business journey and to know how much I was helping to make so many families' Christmases even more magical. I am already looking forward to supporting the 2023 rush!

If you own a product-based business that you are looking to take to the next level, book a call with me below. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about getting started!

Have a great Wednesday!

Rach x

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