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Case Study: The Joy Project with Meg

Updated: 6 days ago

Working with Meg - The Joy Project Coach, the owner and founder of The Joy Project, was a fantastic experience.

Here’s a look into the steps we went through to revamp her brand and website to capture her vision and help her to smash her next level goals by having everything business related under one roof - creating a smoother client journey from discovering Meg through to working with her and being in her incredible world.

Understanding Meg's Vision

The process began with a discovery call where Meg told me all about her business goals and how she needed the business to stand out like a sore thumb in the online space, needed to get all of her packages and services in one place where people could easily browse and purchase what they needed from her. Next up was on-boarding and Meg filling out my Strategy Discovery Form. This form is crucial for gathering detailed insights into her business, current situation, goals and the ultimate outcome for this brand.

I then did a deep dive into the research on her competition, existing business, current audience and target audience.

Developing the Brand Strategy

Based on the research, I developed a comprehensive brand strategy for The Joy Project. This strategy became the foundation for the new visual direction of the business. We created two mood boards representing different approaches based on this strategy.

Choosing the Right Direction

Meg selected the mood board that resonated most with her vision, making a small tweak to get it just right. With her approval, I created a detailed brand presentation that aligned with the chosen mood board.

This presentation wasn’t just about visuals; it told the story of her brand’s new direction.

Meg’s feedback was essential. She provided constructive insights and asked key questions, helping me refine the presentation. I love collaborating closely with my clients because your input is what makes the final product truly shine.

Creating the Website

Once the brand strategy and visuals were finalised, I moved on to designing The Joy Project's website. The brand strategy guided the design to ensure it was not only beautiful but also optimised to convert visitors into clients. As we mentioned before - it was important to Meg for her business to take her clients on a journey of understanding and trust, making it easy for them to move smoothly through her website and discover what it is that they need her to help them with.

Meg’s Feedback

If you want to see more visuals - you can head to my portfolio here.

Or - if this has been the sign you needed to get your business visible and ship shape, book a call in with me here. Let's get our heads together and see how we can level you up!

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