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Build a recognisable brand and boost your brand awareness by learning where to start. 

My free Brand Essentials DIY Assessment is the perfect first step to laying solid brand foundations!

This is a comprehensive workbook that guides you through the foundational elements of your brand, helping you create a strong, cohesive strategy.

What’s Inside:

  • Define Your Brand Promise: Clarify your brand’s commitment to your customers.
  • Enhance Your Brand Experience: Discover how to create awareness, loyalty, and differentiation.
  • Conduct a Brand Overview: Assess key components like vision, tone of voice, and values.
  • Quick Brand Audit: Regularly evaluate your brand’s internal and external journey.
  • Brand Goals Tracker: Stay on track with your brand objectives.
  • Market Research Audit: Gain valuable external feedback from clients, friends and family to help you to refine your strategy.

Why You Need This Workbook:

Building a strong brand foundation is crucial for creating visuals that resonate with your ideal clients. With this DIY assessment, you’ll gain the clarity and direction needed to take your brand to the next level before you dive in with the visuals.

Brand Essentials DIY Audit

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