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five lessons I learnt in my first two years of business.

Starting a business is super exciting, but it can also be super challenging. Over the past two years, there has been a lot to learn, a lot of ups and a couple of downs. In this blog post, I'll share 5 things that I have learned from running RDD for the past two years, some I learned the hard way - so you don't have to!

So, let's get to it - five business lessons I learnt in my first two years of business!

1. the importance of networking!

Networking is critical in the business world - who knew! It helps build relationships that can lead to new opportunities and business growth. I've found that attending events, joining professional organizations, and connecting with other business owners can open new doors to new connections and partnerships in places that you did not know that there where doors to be opened! The main professional organisation that I am a part of is the Federation of Small Businesses and their network of business owners is incredibly powerful!

2. time management is crucial

Time management is essential! FULL STOP. It is something that I wasn't to good at when I set up, jumping from one project to another and dancing along the burnout line more often that I would like to admit! It was only when I joined a group programme with my business consultant Katie Sheach, that I really learnt how to manage my time properly and feel more in control of my work load! It is really important to prioritise tasks and delegate responsibilities (I delegate out to my incredible VA - Kat at Virtual Time Hustle!) to ensure that everything gets done on time. Proper time management allows for better productivity, less stress, and more time to focus on growing the business. Again - WHO KNEW!! Haha!

3. customer experience is key

Providing a great customer experience is key when it comes to ensuring each and every client feels cared for and appreciated! Taking the time to listen to customers' needs and providing them with top-notch service can make all the difference. Happy customers are more likely to return and refer others to your business. (80% of my clients to date, have been referrals)

4. embrace failure

Failure is a part of a businesses journey. It's essential to embrace it and use it as a learning opportunity. Every failure can provide valuable education that can help improve your business and your processes, helping you to prevent future mistakes.

5. don't give up

It is really hard to stay motivated sometimes! So stay disciplined instead! When times get tough and you feel like you keep running into brick walls, it would be so easy to give up! But keep going, the tough times don't last forever!

So, there we have it! Five lessons I have learnt in business! Starting and running a business can be a challenging journey, but there are valuable lessons to be learned along the way. There is so much I could chat to you about, I might write another blog post on this because I can easily think of 5 more lessons - letting go of control, perfectionism is procrastination, hire professionals to do the jobs you are not good at, community over competition - every single time! There we go, there are the topics for the next blog haha! Thank you for reading and sticking around until the end! Until next time! Rach x

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