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The Dog House

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Here is a low down of the project scope.

The Dog House is a small yet incredible Dog Grooming Boutique, it is your dogs home away from home, based in a small Cheshire village that was in need of a visual overhaul. The business was stuck posting unrecognisable content and visuals across their social media platforms as well as feeling stuck in a rut when it came to creating new ranges of grooming products and services.


We worked together using the "Not", Just a logo package with a few added illustrations - on building a strategy that would offer effective messaging and visuals that reflected a welcoming, warm. Home from home feeling where all pooches would love to go to be pampered. The visuals really had to reflect the high quality care and service that The Dog house offers aswell as owner Emma's fun, rebellious personality.


  • Brand Essentials Package 

  • Added Illustrations

  • Print design (leaflets, business cards, roller banners)

Let's get stuck in!

Image by okeykat

the outcome

A small yet powerful branding package that makes Emma's business stand out from the surrounding competition. We did not only focus on the visuals when creating this brand put the overall feeling that it gave to people that where going to approach the business. A feeling of warmth, friendliness and a little bit of rebellion against the norm too. 

Every detail was thought of, right down to the soft touch business cards!

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