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design and functionality audit

Have you buried your head in the sand when it comes to your website?

As your business has grown, your website has been left to stand and gather cobwebs?

Book your Design and Functionality Audit using the booking system below!

What will the audit include?

- An in-depth overview of the layout and design

- A look into the client journey and how the design can be edited to make this smoother

- My two penneth worth on what I would add and where

- SEO tips bespoke to your website

All of the advise you will receive is DIY'able advise but if you receive your 9 page document and you are a little overwhelmed that's ok, just pop back into my inbox for help or a quote to have it done for you!

I won't leave you to struggle alone!

Image by Farzad Mohamadi

The button below will take you through to a booking page, where you will be able to book time out of my diary on a date of your choice.

The website audit will take roughly 3 hours to complete, but you do not have to be available for it. The booking system is simply to ensure that you get a smooth experience and I have ample time to complete the task :).

At the end of the audit, I will send you a 9-11 page document outlining everything I have looked at, my thoughts and how you can implement them going forwards.

On the next page you will be given a chance to let me know if there is any specific areas you would like me to look at whilst going through the audit process to make sure I don't miss anything.

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    149 British pounds
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