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Her Gateway

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Here is a low down of the project scope.

Her Gateway is a membership for small business owners that are looking for incredible support and knowledge from others that have been there and done it! Katie - Owner and Founder came to me with a dream, an idea, that she wanted to bring to life. We built this brand from that - a dream!

The services that Katie invested into to build this business are...


  • Brand Boss Package (+ in person brand strategy session)

  • Bespoke Website Package

Let's get stuck in!

Untitled design (29).png

the outcome

In the heartbeat of Her Gateway, you witness the power of dreams realised. Through the partnership with Katie, Owner and Founder, we crafted a brand together that's more than a business; it's a community fueled by passion and expertise.

We worked together on nailing the strategy, the visual direction and from there created a full logo suite, colour palette and typography. Once these visual foundations where put together it was then time to work out the overall feel for social media, print marketing and the website!


The Brand Boss Package, fortified by an in-person brand strategy session, and a Bespoke Website Package were the key elements that brought this vision to life.


Now, it's time for you to embark on your journey and take your business to the next level through aligned visuals that are based on the strategy of your business foundations.

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