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Image by Amelia Barklid

Layton Business Solutions

paint the picture

Here is a low down of the project scope.

Racheal, Owner and Founder of Layton Business Solutions was hitting a period of growth in her business but needed some help in getting things in place to allow it to grow! 

When Racheal apprached Rachael Does Design, she did not yet have a website and wasn't sure on whether or not to facelift her branding. In the end she invested into both and hasn't looked back.

The package that Racheal Chose...

- Brand Essentials Package with added social media templates 

- Bespoke 5 page website design

- Google Business Profile set up and optimisation

Let's get stuck in!

website mock ups (1).png
Image by Amelia Barklid

the outcome

Racheal is more confident than ever when she shows up for her business online, she understands the power of professional branding and feels like it really speaks to her audience about who she is and the level of service that they should expect when they invest into her services.

Not only that, but Racheal has since invested in SEO courses to boost her levels of knowledge in the online space which will only accelerate her brand even further when she starts to rank higher and higher on Google by keeping her website alive and breathing! 

A website is not something that should be left stagnant, once you have invested you should then invest your time into keeping it growing! 

I love nothing more than a client that takes everything on board and runs with it head on!

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